Intro to Unlock your Genius


In the name of God, the All-Merciful. Amen.

This blog is dedicated to women in all walks of life. May it bring healing to your heart, wisdom to your mind, and serenity to your spirit.

I want to journey with you- the mother and wife; the tireless worker; the inspiring volunteer; the beautiful consecrated woman- as we unlock our hearts and let our “feminine genius” find its full expression.

And to those women who have a hard time identifying as “feminine,” I want to journey with you too.

Our Goals:

(1) Identifying and healing our brokenness and learning to help others do the same

(2) Replacing discouragement with inspiration and negativity with positivity: no more pity parties in your head, we need YOU out here!

(3) Stripping self-imposed labels and remembering who YOU really are: remember that carefree kid?

(4) Remembering what really matters amidst chaos, confusion, and frustration: we are prioritizing and restructuring our value system

(5) Bringing healing, wisdom, and serenity to the present moment: stop getting pulled by the past or pushed by the future, be PRESENT…hello? anyone home?

In sum, our goal is to become uplifting women. Women who nourish and refresh others, because of our attentiveness and sensitivity to the present human condition before our eyes.

Let’s get to work!

Glory be to God!

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