Untangling your <3


In order to be the uplifting woman our families and our friends need, we need to get to work and take an ACTIVE role in our healing process. If we’re going to be able to help others heal, we need to experience the healing process ourselves.

Take two minutes to read this post and another five or ten to sort things out.

DIAGNOSE (1) What is your biggest struggle right now?

STUDY (2) Is this an individual struggle that no one else knows about? Or, is this a shared struggle fed by a specific environment(s) or person(s)? In this case, do I need to avoid or face this environment/person?

RESOLVE (3) What have you done so far to counteract this struggle? Has this worked? Why or why not? If not, what else can you try?

ACCOUNTABILITY (4) We are trying to build healthy and uplifting relationships with other women! We can’t do this without having heart to heart dialogue on a regular basis. I’d like to encourage you to try this exercise with another woman in your life. In this way, we can encourage each other to stay active and motivated in our (3) resolutions.

Remember, the key to healing is bringing our struggles to the Lord: His grace is key to unlocking our hearts.  Lord, I need you to help me untangle my heart!

Feel free to share some things, no matter how simple or silly, that have helped you find healing. Also, has there been a woman in your life that has helped you find healing?

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