Hang ups

Sometimes we set our minds on getting what we think we need. This thing promises to satisfy our hearts and offer us the finish line. After X I’ll finally be happy. Why are left so unsatisfied, still thirsting? Were we searching for the wrong thing all along? What is this “X” for you?

The Samaritan woman comes to the well hoping to fill her empty jar with water. Yet, after her encounter with Christ, she leaves her jar behind. Why?

We continue our study on the Samaritan woman. Please read John 4:27-42 and follow the steps below.

Image result for lectio divina

Share your thoughts. What verse stood out to you? How does it apply to your current situation? What is Christ inviting you to do? 

What “thing” in your life, even if it’s an innately good thing, have you been running towards head first without any thought about how you could be hurting yourself or others in the process? Inner peace is the confirmation of God’s will. Does God really want this “thing” for you? Could this “thing” be what’s keeping you from building loving relationships?

What is this “thing” in your life that is taking away your peace? Maybe you are waiting for an apology, a thank you note, a job offer, a change of heart, etc. Stop grasping. Gently let go of your grip, stretch out your fingers, and put your hands over your heart. Breathe and be grateful for the things God has blessed you with.

The Samaritan woman left her water jar behind, her past mistakes and her hang ups with people. Only then was her thirst truly quenched. Jesus is inviting you to do the same.

Check out this beautiful song by the band Bethel Music called “Letting go,” click here to listen.


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