Is sin the central theme of Christianity?

This post might seem a little out of step with the feminine genius. However, as women, our relationship with Christ is absolutely central to our healing journey. And so, it is absolutely essential to remind ourselves why exactly Christ came. Regardless of our sins, God, from the very beginning, always had the Incarnation of Christ in mind. God wanted to unite everything in heaven and on earth in Christ. Thus, from the beginning, the central purpose of the Incarnation was not salvation but communion. Regardless of our mistakes, God loves us and wants to be ONE with us.

Is sin (or love) the central theme of Christianity? The reason for the Incarnation does not come from man but from God. The Incarnation is plan A not plan B, regardless of the Fall. God became man so that man might become god (by grace not by nature).


Listen to “Is the Incarnation a result of the Fall?”

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