The Mother


The Mother wraps herself in Light. Space – her womb. Time – her heart. Change – her thoughts. Matter – her body. Magnetism – her desires. Gravity – her curves.

In Her we move and live and have our Being. She is our sustenance. We are her substance.

To Her Solomon the Wise gives back the living babe. Undivided. Indivisible. The true Mother will never cut her child into two. Duality. Duality.

The moon, waxing and waning, is her mirror. She wears her above Her head to reflect Her fullness and Her emptiness.

At night she is pregnant with the the Light. At day break, she births the being than which no greater can be conceived.

She in-spires Her holy breath into the one Mind in the many. She guides thoughts through the ladder of vibration from spirit to matter, from heaven to earth, and the reverse.

She meets lips with a kiss to arouse speech.

Her hands throw Her clay unto Her wheel to make, mould, and build the universe with Her spin, but Her spinning is unfelt by the world.

Remember, remember, the taste of her milk. Surrender, surrender, to Her spinning freely.

Remember, remember, the Mother of the Living is you. Surrender, surrender your milk freely.

Naked eyes


Let me give you a lover’s gaze and not a passerby’s glance.

Let me take off these scales and pull up the blinds that blind.

I see you with naked eyes.

I see myself in you, can you see yourself in me?

Can we be mirrors for each other and let our love cast out our fears?

I see you with naked eyes.

Can we secure our insecurities in our embrace. Can we walk hand in hand toward the One?

Can your light merge with mine and our light with the Light?

I see you with naked eyes.

Can life and death knead our clay into a new universe? Can we consecrate our flesh and commune with the One.

Can we pour our blood on the altar of humanity? Can the wine of our love resurrect the One Heart?

I see you with naked eyes.

Can we breathe the One holy breath and renew the face of the earth?

I see you with naked eyes.

I see you with a lover’s gaze and not a passerby’s glance. I see myself in you, can you see yourself in me?

A prayer for love and harmony within the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity. In the face of division, may we be willing to gaze upon the other and the self, with compassion and understanding.

Your medicine


Oh majestic Queen, our nightly encounters are the cherished secret of my heart. And tonight, I Iong to learn the healing incantations that you teach me to write under your light. You entrust me with the algorithm to decipher your encrypted prescription. Beloved, I recite day and night the instructions of your potent medicine of light and love.

Divine Alchemist, you concoct this magic potion in my heart by mixing my blood with earth, water, fire and air and transforming them into ether. You inscribe these ingredients in my heart and bid me to commit your recipe to memory.


Beloved, your gravity plunges my hand into this ocean of ink. Enchanted. Your light casts a spell on me. Hypnotized. You rule
over these waves of inspiration.

These letters are at the mercy of your tide. Overtaken by your beauty, most drown. Those that did not risk it all, swim to shore as words imprinting themselves on the sand of time.

Oh humble Queen, do you keep no records of your kingdom’s history? Will you too wash away the memory of our love?

“Beloved,” you whisper, “our love died on the shore but it survives in sea.”

Llamando a la puerta de mi corazón


Jesús, en cada latido, tocas la puerta de mi corazón. ¡Concédeme la gracia de levantarme y responder a tu llamado en las primeras horas del día, por la tarde y toda la noche!

Madre, enséñame a mantener limpia la casa de mi corazón y siempre llena de cosas ricas para Jesús.

Últimamente me he dado cuenta de que cuanto más lo invito, con más frecuencia regresa. Madre, ¡cada vez tiene más hambre y más sed! ¡Mamá María, tu Hijo Jesús tiene un apetito tremendo y una sed insaciable! Oh dulce Jesús, te amo tan tiernamente. ¡Disfruto tanto de tus visitas! Quédate conmigo para siempre. Por favor, no vengas y salgas, porque te extraño demasiado cuando te vas.

A veces me duermo y me olvido de escuchar mi corazón, no escucho tu llamado y te dejo esperando fuera de mi corazón. Lamento mucho haberte hecho esperar afuera en el frío, hambriento y sediento. Oh dulce Jesús, sé el inquilino a largo plazo de mi corazón. Ya pagaste todas mis deudas y así que el alquiler es gratis.

Madre, mi maestra en la escuela de mi corazón, por favor enséñame a amar a Jesús cada vez más cada vez que llama a la puerta de mi corazón.

Oh Madre, pero ¿alguna vez se detienen los golpes? Si no puedo pedirle a mi corazón que deje de latir mientras mi cuerpo viva, ¿cómo puedo pedirle a Jesús que deje de tocar mientras mi alma tenga vida?

Knocking at the door of my heart


Jesus, in every beat, you knock at the door of my heart. Grant me the grace to rise up and answer your call in the early morning and in the late night and in the middle of the day!

Mother, teach me how to keep the house of my heart clean and always full of goodies for Jesus. Lately I’ve noticed that the more I invite him in the more frequently he returns. Mother, he is hungrier and thirstier each time! Mama Mary, your Son Jesus has a tremendous appetite and unquenchable thirst!

Oh sweet Jesus, I love you so tenderly. I enjoy your visits so much! Stay with me forever. Please don’t come and go, because I miss you too much when you’re gone. Sometimes I fall asleep and forget to listen to my heart, I miss your call and leave you waiting outside of my heart. I’m so sorry for ever keeping you waiting outside in the cold, hungry, and thirsty.

Oh sweet Jesus, be the long term tenant of my heart. You already paid off all of my debts and so the rent is free.

Mother, my teacher in the school of my heart, please teach me how to love Jesus more and more each time he knocks. Oh Mother, but does the knocking ever stop? If I can’t ask my heart to stop beating as long as my body lives, then how can I ask Jesus to stop knocking as long as my soul lives?

Your heart’s song


Beloved, the Spirit wants to breathe into your flute of reed. Will you offer yourself to the divine breath and let the Spirit sing the song of your heart? The song is about the meeting of heaven and earth and how their love birthed the emerald kingdom and healed the world. My love, is your heart willing to receive the lance needed to pierce the holes that will make the divine breath carry the sound of your song? I’m sorry to say that this is the only way to hollow out the flute of reed.

And so, if you wish, the Spirit will spread your heart’s wings and share this message of love across the world and pour the light of God into all beings, seen and unseen, above and below.

Your song will reintegrate the shattered shards of the divine vessel and remind the many that they were, are, and will be one. Your song of love will harmonize the mystical body of the cosmic Christ as all of creation works in unison and without division to build the kingdom of God.

And, when your arms are tired of holding the weight of the earth, take courage, the Mother is at the foot of your cross. She will never abandon you. She will never look away. And when you breathe your last, she will cradle your body and bury it in the womb of the earth as your soul rises to heaven. She, who carried you in her womb and birthed you from darkness into light, is there to witness your birth from impermanence to permanence, from the finite to the infinite. But before your soul takes off this borrowed yet sacred garment of the body, the mind, and the heart, take courage Beloved, don’t be afraid to sing your song.



Día, Noche y yo estábamos despiertas soñando contigo. En nuestro sueño, Sol estaba oculto por la nube de Olvido. Sus rayos sangraban mientras ella lloraba. Su lágrima Contrición cayó en mi corazón. Esta gota contenía todo el océano Arrepentimiento y pensé que mi corazón era demasiado pequeño para hacerle espacio. Pero entonces el Espíritu sopló su aliento divino sobre las aguas y la quietud fue superada por olas que expandieron mi corazón, una vez contraído. Cuando ya no le quedaba más llanto y el océano en mi corazón se calmó, Sol envió chispas divinas para encender viejas brasas en mi corazón y el Espíritu sopló el aliento divino una vez más para encender mi corazón con el fuego del amor divino. Día, cuando me susurraste suavemente pidiéndome que abrirera mis ojos y que me despidiera de Noche, me di cuenta de que mi corazón no necesitaba ser despertado porque ya no sabía cómo conciliar el sueño. Día y Noche, bajo la luz del Sol y la luz de la Luna, mi corazón late de amor por Dios, siempre despierto y nunca dormido.



Day, Night and I were awake dreaming about you. In our dream, Sun was hidden by the Cloud Forgetfulness. His rays were bleeding through as she cried. Her Tear Contrition dropped into my heart. This drop contained the entire Ocean Repentance and I thought my heart was too small to make room. But then the Spirit blew the divine breath over the waters and the stillness was overcome by waves expanding my once contracted heart. When she had no more crying left and Ocean in my heart was stilled, Sun sent divine sparks to ignite old embers in my heart and Spirit blew the divine breath once more to set my heart aflame with the fire of divine love. Day, when you whispered gently to open my eyes and bid Night farewell, I realized my heart did not need to be woken up as it not longer knew how to fall asleep. Day and Night, under the light of Sun and the light of Moon, my heart beats with love for God, always awake and never asleep.

Tears, will you wash the dust off of my wings?


Tears, will you kiss my skin and caress the scars that my story has carved? Tears, will you empty out the clouds that have overcast my mind and clear the sky to let the sun shine? Tears, will you extinguish the wild fires inside my heart, quench my thirst, and end this drought? Tears, will you carry me in your stream and flow into the eternal ocean of my soul? Tears, will you cleanse my spirit of all the denseness of the earth and make it light so it can freely soar? Tears, will you wash the dust off of my wings as I spread them over the north and under south and stretch them to the ends of the east and of the west? Tears, will you break this shell I’ve been too scared to outgrow and consume the pearl as I find my real home?

Pride, be careful how you get up


Pride, your feet lost touch with the ground. Falling. Your head of glass just hit the ground. Shattering. Be careful how you get up. Even dust can break through tough skin. Bleeding. You’re a stumbling drunk toppling over your own pedestal drinking your own blood.

Child, look into My eyes, you don’t need a tower made by babbling fools to reach the sky. I’ll give you wings of wisdom to fly to Me.

Head, descend into the heart. Hands ascend onto the heart. Heart, in you being human is realized.

Human doing. Doing. Doing. Doing. Your are sleep walking in your doing. Human being. Only by being can you be who you are.

Heart, don’t fall asleep. Don’t forget to beat life into me. Heart, draw me down when I won’t come down from the angelic spheres when my pride takes me for a climb up the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Heart, draw me up when I won’t come up from the animal plane when my lust cries in hunger and thirst for power, pleasure, and glory craving to taste that apple.

Heart, will you integrate all my I’s and expel the legion that’s dividing the kingdom from inside? Heart, will you pump new life into these veins and let the living water flow? Heart, will you stay awake with me as I pour sand out from this broken hourglass that could not contain time?

Heart, will you be my light house and guide me home amidst the storm?

Darling, your smile is breaking


Darling, your smile is breaking as your heart weighs you down. The living water is rushing out from the well inside your heart. Let this river break the stone blocking the entrance to your tomb. Darling, let Sleep embrace you as He plays sweet dreams for you. Close your eyes, and see the light hidden behind the night sky. Stop grasping what’s already dead, let the dead bury the dead .Tuck into this black sheet and wake up to new life. Tear off these grave clothes, be naked and unafraid! Cross yourself and breathe out, prostrate into your grave, rise and breathe in, die and live in every breath and see the kingdom come.

There’s a war inside me


There’s a War inside me and the Flag is burning.

Brothers and Sisters fighting, and I’m slowly dying.

The Kingdom is divided, and King the silenced.

My Heart is bleeding and it’s Song is quiet.

They’re screaming in my ears, and my eyes can’t process.

Is retreat an option, when the Field pervades me?

The City Walls are shattered, and I’m just crying.

My Heart is bleeding and it’s Song is quiet.

Mystical Woman


Mystical woman. Tasting your beauty is soma to my soul. I am as melted wax before your illuminating presence. Oh Queen of the Night, my senses retreat, waving the white flag of surrender, asking for mercy. Inebriated. Intoxicated. How much more of your light do I dare drink?

I am completely wasted.

I prostrate before you, mesmerized by your holy perfection. Your magnetic field commands the current running in the depth of my being. You are impossible to refuse. You draw me in as you veil and unveil yourself each night in late hours when we meet as secret lovers.

I am a finite wave manifesting in your infinite ocean by your grace. But, like a moth allured by the light and surrendering it’s life for a single kiss, I too gladly crash into these rocks and give myself back to you.

Let us drink her intoxicating light and drown in her radiant and all-consuming mystery as the gravity of her love makes us rise and fall over and over again.

May the tides of our being peacefully submit to the ebb and flow of life lived under her majestic tutelage as she passionately uncovers our deepest depths and highest heights promising to never look away from her reflection in your eyes.

Can I hold you without holding on?


Let me write a song to you while you sleep.

I hope all of your dreams come true.

Open your eyes and let the light pierce all of your fears.

Breathe in love. Breathe in light.

You are so precious in my eyes.

Your goodness melts my heart.

Can I hold you without holding on?

Breathe in love. Breathe in light.

Little butterfly. Fly high. You are free.

Breathe in love. Breathe in light.

Dig and you’ll find


Dig and you’ll find a river beneath you that breaks through the rocks of time. Its current runs beyond the east and the west and the north and the south, but it’s source is one.

This eternal stream never knew birth and will never meet death.  And laying six feet under is just one way to submerge.

But there is another way here and now. By breathing in and out you’ll enter into its flow.

Steady your heart’s rhythm and your breath will harmonize with beyond-time.

Remember. Remember to walk gently in awe, for soon your body will forever prostrate to the ground underneath when your breath becomes one with the source of the water running under what’s to be dug.

The back of the mirror


Come closer to the mirror. Look closely. Pay attention.

There’s something behind. 

Steady your gaze and let the light of you eyes penetrate the portal to the unseen. 

Your eyes have been played by the front of the mirror projecting a mirage.

Concentrate. Let your fiery vision burn the thin veil blocking your sight from the secret chambers where the fire is smokeless and never gives out.

Here in this temple you are the priest, prophet and king offering bread and wine, sharing the Word, and ruling the Kingdom of God where heaven and earth are married and forever in love.

Keep your gaze steady and you’ll see through all forms the same Face as you walk toward the One.

Turn your eyes inward to read what’s inside as your heart unfolds its volumes that hold all the secrets of life. Secrets you searched for with tired eyes under low light for long hours in the night. The light inside is warm and doesn’t hurt your eyes. 

Y todo estaba al revés


Dolor, me has acompañado fielmente y sé que tienes algo que decirme, pero ahora mismo no puedo escucharte. Dueles demasiado. Dolor, has estado conmigo durante todo este peregrinar. Conozco todos tus colores y matices, formas y texturas. Tu olor está pegado a mi cabello. Y no sé si tu zumbido es real o si solo está en mi cabeza, pero no importa, porque quiero que pare. Me duele mucho.

Necesito espacio. ¿Puedes darme espacio, Dolor? Verte me quema los ojos. Escucharte me quiebra los oídos. Todo lo que huelo es azufre y probarte es ácido para mi lengua. Estoy sintiendo demasiados sentimientos. ¿Puedo dejar de sentirte por un rato?

Placer. Sí, Placer.

Placer, ven a adormecer a Dolor. Placer, ¿serás tan leal como Dolor?

Cruda. Mi piel está cruda.

Tú. Tú en el espejo, no me toques, no me mires.

Deja que Placer me ponga a dormir.

Placer, te usé. Te mentí cuando te dejé que te acostaras conmigo cuando entramos en un sueño lujurioso. Era un paraíso invertido donde todo estaba al réves, incluyéndonos a nosotros… Y, Placer, me sintí muy bien.

Pero luego la sangre fluyó hacia mi cerebro y me sentí tan enferma, tan mareada. Y luego, mi corazón se detuvo y me desmayé.

Dolor, me hiciste mucho daño, pero, al menos contigo, estaba despierta.

Dolor, ¿qué tenías que decir?


Quería decirte que el dolor que recorría hasta las puntas de tus dedos de las manos y los pies cuando tu estómago se hizo nudos demasiado apretados y cuando tu cerebro se quebro tratando de procesar el trauma cuando la confusión opacó tu visión porque el odio te asaltó en la hora más oscura de la noche cuando la luz se oculta por el cielo negro y la luna nueva; las punzadas del hambre, la sed insaciable, la búsqueda de respuestas satisfactorias más allá del sí y del no, de lo correcto o lo incorrecto, del blanco y del negro, mientras reflexionabas y te preguntabas sin cesar durante las veinticuatro horas del día cada día. Quería decirte que, mientras mirabas tu sombra, viéndola desvanecer y tomar tu forma, estaba allí para recordarte que has sido hecha para mucho más. Quería decirte que los dolores en tu corazón estaban tratando de decirte que puedes tomar este papel y esa pluma y puedes escribir y reescribir tu historia hasta que estés satisfecha, porque realmente fuiste hecha para tener un “felices para siempre.”

The half angel – half beast


There are three centers to the half angel – half beast breed. The mind, the heart, and the hands. All three need to be kept clean by good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Virtue perfectly aligns Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, making the transcendent manifest and emanate. Out of the centers, the first and the last meet in the middle, where heaven and earth unite to make, mold and build the kingdom of God.

The master reigns the kingdom from the throne firmly established within their pierced heart where it goes through labor, as it expands and contracts, preparing to birth love into light. The labor is long and the pain keeps them alert and awake. With attention and intention, they toil with sweat on their brows knowing that pleasure is good, but, have too much and they will fall asleep.

The master’s hands are raised up and outstretched to embrace the whole of the east and the west while wearing a crown of thorns around their head. The master reigns their kingdom with love – never asleep, always awake, keeping vigil to ensure that the law and order of harmony is honored with peace.

The power and glory of the kingdom belonged, belongs, and will belong to the master. The master teaches that repentance and forgiveness are the only ways to keep away division, because a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand while the walls around the city crumble.

The mind faithfully descends from the heavenly planes into the heart and prostrates in faith as love’s humble servant as their callused and tanned hands ascended while raising up the earth in praise to pray in hope for the Sun to shine and make the harvest plenty.

The mind rests as the hearts plays its divine lullaby while the hands plow, sow, and reap, turning over the soil after each harvest to work out the salvation of the worlds, above and below, seen and unseen.

The breath is the secret that gives life to the kingdom. The breath is the invisible power that flows in and out rhythmically, exhaling and inhaling to purify the earth, water, fire, and air and transform them into ether. The master is the servant of the servants who serves under the merciful patronage of wisdom, who kindly sends breezes of inspiration and guidance.

The greatest battle the servant of servants will face is the battle within their kingdom. To keep the mental, emotional, and physical integrated. To be one naked person who, even when they are wearing the borrowed garments of a king or a of pauper, is the same here and there, yesterday, today, and tomorrow with him and her and them. To win this battle of inner division, they must pledge allegiance to the master, the only one who can give the gift the world cannot give with a guarantee – interior peace, interior freedom.

And so, be sure to follow the advice of the wise and not of the fool on your wedding day. Don’t forget to take oil in your vessel along with your lamp! Only then will you be ready go to the marriage feast with your Beloved.

Keep watch, for the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. The three centers of the flesh need to operate as one! Flesh, surrender in loving service to the spirit so that the message of God may spread far and wide. Flesh, let the spirit’s wings fly. Flesh, let the spirit teach you not only to walk on water but how to walk gently on the earth. Flesh, let the spirit unfold its emerald kingdom and pour its holy light and healing love upon all creatures – flying, crawling, swimming, and walking – big or small, red, orange, yellow, green, light or dark blue, or multicolored as the rainbow. Flesh, embrace the beautiful birthing process of life’s labor, and surrender to death as the journey of return toward the One.

Thy Kingdom come! As above so below.

Everything was upside down


Pain, you’ve been my most loyal companion, and I know you have something to tell me, but right now I can’t listen to you. You just hurt too much.

Pain, you’ve been with me all along this journey. I know all your colors and shades, shapes and textures. Your scent is stuck on my hair. And I don’t know if your ringing is real or if it’s just in my head, but it doesn’t matter, because I want it to stop. It hurts too much. 

I need space.

Can I have space from you, Pain?

Seeing you burns my eyes. Hearing you ruptures my ears. All I smell is sulfur and tasting you is acid to my tongue. I feel too much. Can I stop feeling you for a little while?

Pleasure. Yes, Pleasure. Pleasure, come numb Pain.

Pleasure, will you be as loyal as Pain? 

Raw. My skin is raw.

You in the mirror, don’t touch me, just look away. Let Pleasure put us to sleep.

Pleasure, I used you. I lied to you as I let you lie with me when we entered into a lustful dream. It was an inverted paradise where everything was upside down, including us.

And it felt so good.

But then blood gushed down into my brain, and I felt so sick, so dizzy. And then, then my heart stopped, and I passed out. 

Pain, you hurt me so much, but, at least with you, I was awake.

Pain, what did you have to say?


I wanted to tell you that the ache that ran through to the tips of your fingers and to your toes as your stomach was tied in knots that were too tight and as your brain broke trying to process the trauma when your eyes were glazed with confusion as hatred assaulted you in the darkest hour of the night when the light is hidden by the black sky and new moon; the pangs of hunger, the  unquenchable thirst, the search for satisfying answers beyond yes and no, right or wrong, black and white as you pondered and wondered  twenty fours hours in seven day spans. I wanted to tell you that – as you stared at your shadow, watching it fade and take your form – I was there to remind you that you were made for so much more. I wanted to say that the aches in your heart were trying to tell you that you can take this paper and that pen and you can write and rewrite your story until you are satisfied, because you really were made for happily ever after.

Y estábamos desnudos


Y estábamos desnudos. Y no sentiamos vergüenza. Desnudos, no nos ocultabamos nada. Sin sentir vergüenza, no nos guardabamos nada. Abrazandonos libremente. Fundiendonos en uno. La Tierra recibiendo al Cielo – haciendo que venga Tu Reino.

Pero eso fue ayer. Y hoy. Hoy estamos exiliados, desaparecidos del paraíso, del jardín del Edén, del árbol de la vida. 

Hoy. Hoy somos dos. Nuestro aliento desincronizado – somos extraños cuya respiración fluye como dos corrientes separadas.

Hoy. Hoy no es ayer. Y duele que no me mires. Y tengo frío. Y me estás dando ropa. Pero extraño tu calidez. 

¿Cómo pueden los amantes convertirse en extraños? Conozco tus secretos y tus dedos han rastreado mi pasado. 

Silencio. El silencio solía ser nuestra canción. Pero ahora su estruendo amenaza con derribar nuestra casa. Nuestro hogar. La casa que construimos siendo uno.

¿Y cómo pueden “tú” y “yo” volver a ser “nosotros”? ¿Nuestras lágrimas son precursoras de los arcoíris? ¿O borrarán nuestra historia? Espero lo primero, pero temo lo segundo.

Estoy asustada. Tengo miedo de olvidar tu nombre. Recordar. ¿Podemos recordar lo que ha sido desmembrado? ¿Reintegrar lo desintegrado? ¿Se puede restablecer esta relación y navegar una vez más alrededor del mundo bajo la luz del sol y el reflejo de la luna?

Por favor. Por favor, mírame, mírame. Estoy aquí.

Oh. Finalmente me doy cuenta de que me has estado pidiendo que haga lo mismo. Lo siento.

Por favor perdoname. Perdóname por no escuchar tu corazón puro, tu mente misteriosa, tu hermoso cuerpo. Lo que sientes. Lo qué piensas. Lo que necesitas. Me importas. Déjame mostrarte que me importas.

Después de nuestro primer beso, prometimos que nos perdonaríamos el uno al otro por todas las inevitables heridas que vendrían. ¿Podemos recordar esta promesa en las alegrías y en las penas, en la salud y la enfermedad, todos los días de nuestras vidas, hasta que la muerte nos separe? Pero entonces, quiero que nuestro amor sobreviva a la muerte, que desafíe la mortalidad. Todo lo que necesitamos es nuestra respiración y que nuestra respiración fluya como una.

Sí, nuestro amor es tan fuerte como la muerte. Podemos recordar nuestro amor incluso cuando nuestros cuerpos se han convertido en polvo.

Mañana. Quiero que mañana sea como ayer. Y hoy, ¿podemos volver a entrar en el paraíso y estar desnudos y sin sentir vergüenza? ¿Podemos ser fructíferos y multiplicarnos y dar a luz a la luz? ¿Puede nuestro amor cultivar el mundo? Los mundos…? ¿Puede nuestro amor ser el amor de todos y ser un solo amor? ¿Puede este único amor desplegarse en cada corazón y tomar vida en cada respiración? ¿Podemos estar todos desnudos y sin sentir vergüenza y no apartar la mirada? ¿Podemos todos abrazarnos como uno y traer el cielo a la tierra?

Chica hermosa


Chica hermosa, no creas palabras rotas de corazones rotos. Nunca pudieron tomar lo que no regalaste.

Eres plena. Eres pura. Tus lágrimas fluyen como un río sagrado a través de las historias escritas en tu piel. Miradas tiernas. Roces suaves. Amor, solo amor.

Chica hermosa, tu corazón va y viene como olas encantadas por la luna. Confía en tu respiración, te lleva a casa. Se feliz. Quédate aquí. Suéltalo. Se libre.

Eres plena. Eres pura. Tus lágrimas fluyen como un río sagrado a través de las historias escritas en tu piel. Miradas tiernas. Roces suaves. Amor, solo amor.

Chica hermosa, eres amor, eres luz. Tu alma está llena de arcoíris y mariposas. Amor, solo amor, chica hermosa, solo amor.

Beautiful Girl


Beautiful Girl, don’t believe broken words from broken hearts. They never could take what you didn’t give away.

You are whole. You are pure. Your tears flow as a sacred river through the stories written on your skin. Soft, soft glances. Soft, soft touches. Love, only love.

Beautiful girl, your heart rises and falls like waves enchanted by the moon. Trust your breath, it carries you home. Be happy. Be here. Let go. be free.

You are whole. You are pure. Your tears flow as a sacred river through the stories written on your skin. Soft, soft glances. Soft, soft touches. Love, only love.

Beautiful girl, you are love, you are light. Your soul is full of rainbows and butterflies. Love, only love, beautiful girl, only love.

Bountiful Sun


Bountiful Sun, sear my wounds with the fire of your love. Fill me with your purifying light.

Free me from the cave of illusion.

Illuminate me with your divine vision. Make my eyes mirrors of the Truth. 

Saturate me in your healing rays. Bathe me in your sparks of inspiration.

In your light I live, in your light I move, in your light I exist. 

Wherever I look, I see your light. Whatever I touch, I feel your warmth. In the love of a mother, in the kindness of a father, in the innocence of a child, in the helpfulness of a friend, in the inspiration of a teacher. In all of them I see your Face. 

Perfection of love, harmony, and beauty, only Being, my breath sways in this divine dance as the planets whirl around your surging and ebbing magnetic field of love. 

Narrow and finite river, run the race of effacement toward the liberation of the vast and infinite ocean where the waves that separate “you and me” are consumed by the borrowed moon light. 

Sol bondadoso


Sol bondadoso, cauteriza mis heridas con el fuego de tu amor.

Lléname con tu luz purificadora.

Líbrame de la cueva de la ilusión. Ilumíname con tu divina visión.

Haz de mis ojos espejos de la Verdad.

Satúrame en tus rayos de sanación. Báñame en tus chispas de inspiración.

En tu luz vivo, en tu luz me muevo, en tu luz existo.

Dondequiera que mire, veo tu luz. Dondequiera que toque, siento tu calor.

En el amor de una madre, en la bondad de un padre, en la inocencia de un niño, en la ayuda de un amigo, en la inspiración de un maestro. En todos veo tu Rostro.

Perfección del amor, armonía y belleza, el único Ser, mi aliento se balancea en esta danza divina mientras los planetas giran alrededor del flujo y reflujo de tu campo magnético de amor.

Río estrecho y finito, corre la carrera de la obliteracion hacia la liberación del vasto e infinito océano donde las olas que separan el “tú” y el “yo” son consumidas por la luz prestada de la luna.